Two years ago, British Telecom (BT) introduced four new telephone directory phone books to replace the single telephone directory covering all of Northern Ireland. The map on the Background page shows the regional breakdown.

BT says it conducted extensive research amongst its residential and business customers but they refuse to make this research public. However, there is outrage from Northern Ireland telephone users about the scrapping of the one book which covered all of the Province. We say BRING BACK ONE BOOK and we invite you to add your support.

The purpose of this site is to provide a platform for residents and business owners in Northern Ireland to register their disgust about these changes. Perhaps, if enough people show their support and register their complaint, BT may at some point isten to the overwhelming majority and Bring Back One Book …. sooner rather than later!

As of Spring 2011, this site has had 770 people sign the online petition and over 8,000 people have voted in the online poll, with 95% of voters stating that they want BT to bring back the one book. Despite this, BT still refuse to re-instate the one book for the whole of NI or even produce the ‘research’ which they claim led to its demise in the first place.

Shame on you, BT.